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Good: Exploration – Music elements – Unique – Plenty of customisation
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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Star86 mixes music and space to create a very fun and unique virtual world for players of all ages.The game will have your creativity running wild as you meet other players in this innovative 3D world.


Star86 offers an impressive number of activities to keep you busy or you can choose to ignore these completely and just chat with the large community of other players. In this virtual world you’ll create your own Dubble avatar which is a friendly alien like creature. Players are free to dress their Dubble with a wide range of accessories so you’ll never have to look the same as other players.

From here the gameplay of Star86 has you jumping in your own space ship to visit the various planets in the game. Just like your Dubble this spaceship is highly customisable and it’s very easy to develop something unique with the large number of options available.

Thanks to the large range of activities in Star86 there is something for everyone’s tastes. Players are free to create their own music, chat with other players, play the large number of games, create movies, customise space ships, build entire space cities and explore the planets of the Star86 universe.


Travelling to a new planet is always an exciting experience and will have players flying through a tunnel in space that is filled with musical notes. As players collect these musical notes they’ll be able to make music to accompany their journey and also earn Coins which are the primary currency of the game. Each of these planets has their own theme and mini games available with players even able to get unique souvenirs from each planet.

Star86 is definitely a unique virtual world with few other games in the genre offering so many activities and the same level of customisation options. If you love your virtual world games and haven’t tried Star86 yet then you are seriously missing out, there is a whole universe just waiting to explored.


  • Explore an entire universe inside your browser.
  • Each planet has its own mini games and themes.
  • Customise your alien avatar and your spaceship.
  • Create music and movies to share with others.
  • Free to play and safe for all ages.

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Star86, 8.6 out of 10 based on 88 ratings
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  1. Luckyleafs
    November 24, 2013

    Great game; fun to play! I haven’t been able to find any other games geared towards all ages similar to this one, and the remixing music part is pretty unique, at least IMO. Community is fairly nice. Most of the drama occurs within the blogging community. If you see me, I am luckyleafs on there!

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    a WordPress rating system
  2. Nicole
    November 25, 2013

    I play that, and im icenicedimond1 on there, the game is really fun and unique. I have been playng it for almost 3 years now. I started 2011, till 31/06/12, in the rest of 2012 i had a rest from the game. At about the time 05/01/13 i came back but after i could not get to the Tubey Awards i quit till 13/11/13 i came back and continued playing the game. Try the game. Also, the game is based of creating a character you can choose from picking a Doe,Ray or Mee, more of an important name is Dubbles. In the store you can choose from a set of furniture,clothing,animals/pets, and ship parts. The ship is your alike to home place. You can add Buddies and, theres no limit.You can feel free to add me if you see me around. Remember im Icenicedimond1. Due to safity, you need to activate your e-mail before you start chatting, sending messages ECT. Also, you can choose some eye styles in the store. And also wings/jetpacks. You can explore planet such as Ninja planet, Haunted planet ( haunted but not so scary) Blobba planet or Food planet, but they’re not all of them! Watch out there are 2 member planets: Motorway, Water planet. Have Fun!

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    a WordPress rating system
  3. AlphaScratch
    August 11, 2014

    R.I.P Star86
    The game got closed on 21 July 2014, The company hosting the game couldn’t afford it anymore. This game was truly fun… in a stupid way, I will miss this game.

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