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Good: Solid strategy and CoC clone – Great visuals and UI
Bad: Borrows heavily from StarCraft universe
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StarColony takes place in a science fiction universe, adopting the core game elements of mobile games like Clash of Clans and strengthening it for the browser environment this title is a strong example of the casual strategy genre.


Set deep into the galaxy on the distant planet of Terra Sperata players step into a war filled landscape as the humans, swarm and ancients battle over the resources on the planet. Each of these is visually distinct and comes with different units for you to call into battle. The inspiration of these units and races clearly comes from the StarCraft universe so there are no points for originality but the visuals are crisp nonetheless.

Actual gameplay is similarly uninspired but is still solid with players going through the typical building, defence and raiding tutorial before being given greater control of their resources and base. The game does offer the usual quest driven unlocks though to guide your progression in what would be considered a typical progression path for a strategy title.

This means creating a healthy number of resource generating buildings which are split between minerals, gas and plasmium. With plasmium serving as the high end resource which is slower to generate and used only for the high tech upgrades and units. Storage of these resources is facilitated through different storage structures with decisions regarding placement important as they can be raided by other players.

In order to protect against such an incursion you’ve got a decent array of defensive means from walls to bunkers, cannons and various guns that defend against ground and air units with some specialising against a certain type.


On the other end of the spectrum players have training structures which are used to create units, upgrade them and impact the amount you can take into each raid. These raids are very similar in design to Clash of Clans with players placing their units on the battlefield in an attempt to overrun (or avoid) defences.

Other features of StarColony include heroes, clans, tournaments and wars to give you plenty of extra things to strive for and unlock.


  • Browser based take on the CoC formula.
  • 3 distinct races (humans, ancients and swarm).
  • Design a base that maximises your defences from raids.
  • Join a clan and engage in long running clan wars.
  • Play for free.

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StarColony, 6.7 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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