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Release: Dec 2011
Reviewed on: iOS

Stardom: The A-List

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Good: Stardom chart system – Story
Bad: Energy system combined with time sensitive missions
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Stardom: The A-List is a game that is all about achieving Stardom on your mobile device (iOS and Android supported).


In the game players start off as a nobody and go on a journey to becoming one of the most popular and well known international superstars. On your way to stardom you’ll have to lie, fight, work and flirt your way through countless TV shows and movies all while gaining a fan following.

Of course the star lifestyle wouldn’t be complete without the hottest fashions, the clubs and the fine dining. In Stardom: The A-List players can heavily customise the look of their star with a huge number of styles and accessories so that you can literally dress the part.

As the name suggests your ultimate goal in the game is to eventually make it onto the A-list. Players will start the game as an E-list celebrity and slowly work themselves towards the top list of stars on the A-list. This move from unknown to stardom won’t be easy and to successfully make it through the ranks players will have to audition for countless commercials, TV shows and movies. At the start of your journey you’ll only have crummy commercials and poorly written sitcoms but slowly your list of job opportunities will grow with your fame.


Outside of the core gameplay there is plenty of other activities to complete in Stardom including restaurants, clubs, dating and loot hunting which really helps bring the game world alive.

If you’ve ever though that the star life style was something you’d want to live then you will really enjoy the adventure that the game takes you on. Considering the amount of game content and the free price tag its definitely hard to pass up this shot at stardom.


  • Work your way from E-list to A-list celebrity.
  • Audition for commercials, shows and movies.
  • Dress to impress with a huge wardrobe of options.
  • Go out to restaurants and bars in your down time.
  • Available on iOS and Android.

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Stardom: The A-List, 8.1 out of 10 based on 57 ratings
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