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Good: Stone age themed advancement – Mixture of active and passive gameplay
Bad: Some limitations (can't drop items) which may force your hand on purchases
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Lead your stone age tribe in Stonies a free to play title for iOS and Android from the Upjers team. Taking you back to the dawn of human history the challenges of survival are rife.


Your Stonies adventure begins as any prehistoric journey does as you take stock of your current resources and small settlement. With a low supply of food you’ll pick mushrooms and berries with the help of your first little stoneman (referred to as Stonie). With his belly full you’ll be able to begin your first construction workshop by collecting stone from the area which in turn will unlock stone tools to improve your resource gathering abilities.

Collecting these resources is easily enough and can be collected with a simple tap of your finger (sometimes multiple for larger collection points) or you can assign one of your Stonies to do automatically. Stonies require food to do so though but collection points respawn regularly that this is not an issue especially when combined with the expanding borders of your tribe


Once collected they’ll appear in your inventory for spending on buildings, farms or animal pens which each have varying resource costs or require you to be a certain era (level) first. Unlock other games though advancing through an era requires certain prerequisites to be completed, giving you that sense of real advancement as a tribe as you progress from store huts to mud and start working with the likes of leather and ceramics.

Overall Stonies is your basic farm and resource simulation title but the fun setting combined with the actual sense of progress make it worth investing your time into.


  • Advance your trip through the stone age.
  • Harvest resources with your finger or command your Stonie instead.
  • Build farms and raise animals alongside foraging the environment.
  • Equip your Stonies with the tools they need.
  • Free for iOS and Android.

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Stonies, 7.6 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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  1. Stoniegirl
    September 7, 2017

    Where do u find the nuts to upgrade the worship center?



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