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Release: Dec 2014
Reviewed on: iOS

Storm Rush

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Good: Fast paced – Great colours and graphics – Music with a good beat
Bad: Pricey – Lacks variety
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Test your concentration and skill in Storm Rush a game that challenges you to set distance records as you fly through a colourful game world. Offering a fast experience that quickly becomes addicting (and even frustrating) it’s a great way to kill some time and challenge your friends.


The premise of Storm Rush is simple, players move left and right along the track while avoiding the coloured pillars that spawn on the track. With a constantly increasing speed, changing pillar colours and a rotating track it quickly becomes a quite difficult experience to avoid the never ending pillars.

It’s the sort of game where breaking your first 15 second run is an achievement and then your first 30 second game as you slowly work your way up to a minute and beyond while mastering the game patters and controls.

To complement the simple gameplay Storm Rush brings in a fast paced soundtrack and sleek graphics. This adds a lot to the game as you watch the world being built brick by brick ahead of you along with a soundtrack that gets faster and faster (although some more variation here would be welcome).


Storm Rush is a game best enjoyed in bite size chunks and is one of those games that is perfect to kill a few minutes when waiting around for something. While the game isn’t completely random with some patterns being repeated the ability for the track to rotate onto the side and even split into two separate tracks does keep the game enjoyable.

In short bursts Storm Rush is fun, addicting and a great time waster for fans of minimalist game experiences. At $1.99 in the app store the game is definitely on the pricey side though considering what it offers.


  • Fast paced gameplay.
  • Great music and graphics.
  • See how long you can stay on track and avoid the coloured obstacles.
  • Compete against yourself to see how far you can reach.
  • Available for iOS.

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Storm Rush, 6.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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