Metacritic: 71/100
Release: May 2012
Reviewed on: iOS

Subway Surfers

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Bad: Doesn't bring anything new to the genre
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Subway Surfers is a fast paced endless running experience that will have you running across the railway tracks and even on top of trains to avoid the guard and his dog that are close on your tail.


Subway Surfers masters all the basic mechanics that defines an endless running game. You’ll get crisp graphics, very responsive controls, a wealth of boosts and good randomisation to keep you on your toes as you reach ever increasing distances and high scores. For those that are competitively included you’ll get to connect these scores with your friends and compare who is the ultimate subway surfer.

The other core game mechanics aren’t anything you haven’t seen before either with players swiping left and right to move across the three available lanes. Jumping over obstacles or underneath them is also important to reach further distances. Obstacles range from bushes, construction signs and even trains which can block multiple lanes at any time requiring quick finger reactions to avoid collision.

From time to time during a game run players will have the opportunity to get on top of these trains which creates a dual layered endless runner as you can choose to run along the ground or on top of the trains instead depending on the situation.


To give you that sense of progression that you need in an endless runner Subway Surfers has a wealth of thinks to unlock with the coins that you collect every game. These coins let you purchase new characters, upgrades to your various boosts, special mystery boxes and one use power ups such as the hover board or mega headstart.

Subway Surfers is definitely one of the more impressive endless running games out there. With the huge range of things to unlock and strong controls it’s always a delight to play and a game that is bound to keep you hooked longer than most other options in the genre.


  • Run along the tracks and on top of trains.
  • Pick up various boosts to help you escape the guard and his dog.
  • Unlock new characters by finding special items or spending coins that you earn for playing.
  • Complete missions and daily challenges for extra rewards.
  • Responsive controls make it easy to perform all the quick tricks you need to dodge obstacles.

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Subway Surfers, 7.6 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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