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Summoner’s Legion

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Summoner’s Legion is a free game that combines the genres of trading card games, role playing and turn based combat together. It’s an interesting mixture that you can play in your browser or from your mobile device.


In the game players will get to choose a hero which comes with their own class and specific ability to help shape your general approach to gameplay. From here you’ll get to develop your own deck of cards from a huge selection to help you in the story based campaign, the co-op and even the PvP.

Starting out in Summoner’s Legion players will be greeted with a basic tutorial that introduces the game’s most basic mechanics. This tutorial leaves plenty of room for players to discover the more intermediate and advanced strategies and mechanics of the game that will really appeal to hardcore fans of card games that love to explore the depth of a game by themselves.

This approach doesn’t leave casual players out in the cold either as you’ll have all the understanding to make your way through the PvE campaign and hold your own in PvP.

Gameplay takes place across a grid with several lanes where you’ll place down cards against your opponent and then let the AI take control. With lanes growing slowly from 1 up to 4 there is good progression to the strategies that you’ll have to master.

Most of the strategy in the game comes from when and where you place your cards on the field. With cards that will rush forward to attack the enemies in their lane, ranged units that will sit back and attack from afar, cards that can impact multiple lanes and even ones with healing abilities there is definitely plenty of strategy depth in Summoner’s Legion as you think out each individual card placement.


Outside of battles players will also get to equip their hero with equipment, gain levels and build up their small town with new buildings.

Striking a good balance between the casual and the hardcore Summoner’s Legion is definitely worth exploring.


  • Mix of turn based strategy and trading card games.
  • Free to play on multiple platforms.
  • Lots of strategy depth to explore.
  • Suitable for the casual and hardcore players.
  • Good balance of PvP and PvE.

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Summoner's Legion, 6.9 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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  1. Pharoah
    November 7, 2015

    7!? Game is more like a 5/10.



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