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Good: Sci-fi theme – Huge amount of choice in commander builds – Choose creeps that spawn
Bad: Small number of commanders on launch
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Supernova moves away from fantasy themed MOBA environments and instead opts for a science fiction theme. Sporting a unique list of champions (called commanders) the game lets you command aliens, mechs and humanoids in a style of gameplay that you’ll no doubt be all to familiar with now.


Focusing on bringing the genre back towards the RTS side of the equation the game offers more strategy elements as opposed to the pure MOBA adventures.

On the surface you’ll have the standard 5v5 hero match ups, creeps, lanes and neutral monsters. However, herein lies the first strategy element that Supernove introduces to the genre with players able to modify the creeps that spawn using the resources you collect during each battle.

These modifications can change the offensive and defensive stats or completely alter the type of creep that you send down the lanes (ideally countering your opponent picks). This decision allows players to more directly control the pushing force of your team and adds an extra element to consider and manage.

Commander upgrade also works on a similar system with players able to alter their stats and skills directly whenever they return to home base. Supernova opts for an item-less experience so you’re only customisation is through attributes (health, armour, attack speed, etc.) and proficiencies (which for all intents and purposes act like items with a range of effects).


Launching with just over a dozen of these commanders players will find they fill typical assassin, caster, melee, ranged and support archetypes.

Take a break from the fantasy themed MOBAs and enjoy a science fiction adventure with plenty of character choice and greater control over your creep lanes.


  • Science fiction theme.
  • Control your creeps that spawn.
  • Customise your commander by selecting skills and assigning attributes/proficiencies as desired.
  • Battle against other players or practice against the AI.
  • Two distinct factions (cyborgs and humans).

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Supernova, 8.8 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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