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Release: Nov 2007
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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is a stand alone expansion to the original Supreme Commander title, this standalone approach was used in order to alter gameplay features, add additional units and improve performance over the original release.


Set in the same futuristic setting where humans have achieved space travel through the use of quantum tunnels, capable of sending ships from one side of the galaxy to the other near instantaneously.

This has in turn led to many human colonies across the galaxy who have since split into their own ideologies. Ultimately this has resulted in a world of three factions fighting for their own beliefs in a never ending war.

Forged Alliance picks up right after the firing of the Black Sun in Supreme Commander which sees the galaxy struggling to counter the new threat of the Seraphim race. Before embarking on a counter attack in the first mission players must select whom they wish to play as from the three factions. This has minimal impact on gameplay apart from changing characters, story and units.

Notable improvements to gameplay include a rehashed UI, better path finding and unit tweaks. There are also a large range of new units that add new mechanics or strategies to the mix. One major alteration is the addition of orbital weaponry which adds an additional layer to the air, land and sea that was already available.


Outside of these adjustments the same Armoured Command Unit (ACU) approach to gameplay remains with this single giant bipedal mech allowing you to create your army of units.

With an additional faction available, a fresh campaign and the new units Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance is worthy of being classified as a new game and not just an expansion.


  • A new and improved game that builds on the first Supreme Commander.
  • An extra faction and large list of units add more strategy.
  • Orbital weaponry adds a new layer of large scale warfare.
  • Improved UI, path finding and performance.
  • A stand alone expansion pack in the Supreme Commander franchise.

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Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, 7.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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