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Sushi Clickers

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If Cookie Clicker was too unhealthy for you then Sushi Clickers offers a healthier alternative as you click your way to sushi fame in this clicker game that never ends.


The game is available on iOS devices and has you clicking on the centre of your screen to generate maki, the faster and longer that you tap will allow you to earn more and more maki currency to improve your passive earning ability. This list of upgrades also includes a 12 hour offline earning prod that will keep you generating maki for up to 12 hours after you’ve closed the app on your device.

Sushi Clickers keeps things very simple with a bare bones clicker adventure with minimal features. It’s definitely a real grind and you won’t be making much progress without some intense tapping on your part. If you can manage to fill up your sushi meter at the top of screen you’ll get to have golden sushi rain down upon you for a currency boost.

It’s a game that sticks closely to the Cookie Clicker formula with an insane amount of upgrades that will passively generate maki currency for you.


While these upgrades start with simple autoclickers that only generate 0.1 maki a second you’ll eventually get access to sushi chefs that provide 20 maki per second and countless other upgrades that get increasingly expensive but also provide more currency per second.

Where the longevity of Sushi Clickers comes from is the Game Center and Facebook leader boards where you can compete with others. If you haven’t got any friends to play with though Sushi Clickers is a shallow experience in comparison to some of the newer games that are adding some innovation to the genre.


  • A Cookie Clicker style game replaced with sushi.
  • Tap wildly to generate maki game currency.
  • Hire help from auto clickers and your grandma to improve your passive earnings.
  • Compete on leader boards to prove you’re the sushi master.
  • Free for iOS.

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Sushi Clickers, 8.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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