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Sword Saga

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Sword Saga is a free browser based adventure that combines MMO, RPG and strategy into a single game. Focusing on offering a large range of single player and multiplayer dungeons to tackle the content level of this otherwise simple game is its greatest asset.


At the start of your story based adventure players will select their class from warrior, mage and shooter. Each fulfil a very typical role in this MMO adventure with your warriors being durable melee fighters, mages relying on spells and healing magic and shooter bringing large amounts of DPS to battles.

Each of the three classes is brought to life with a variety of skills and equipment that you can refine to suit your ideal strategy. Equipment and party development (either multiplayer or recruiting NPCs) are the keys to your success in Sword Saga as the rest of the game is mostly a play itself sort of experience, which is common in the 2D browser genre.

Most of the gameplay in Sword Saga is centred around instanced dungeons which will have you helping the inhabitants of the game world or taking you one step closer to claiming back your continent from the devastating war. This story is told well for the most part through vast dialogue sequences with animated character portraits that are much nicer than what you might have seen in similar games.


The progression of the game is decent with locations, NPCs and additional party members slowly becoming available throughout the game to make you feel like you are making progress. It’s disappointing that the combat doesn’t really evolve its mechanics from start to finish and if anything becomes more automated as the game goes on.

If you love the 2D browser games for the story or content and don’t mind an automated experience the nice animated avatar artwork makes Sword Saga far from the worst choice in this space.


  • A semi-automated MMO experience.
  • Add NPCs to your party to complete dungeons.
  • Choose one of the three available classes.
  • Animated avatar artwork for NPC conversations.
  • Free to play and browser based.

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Sword Saga, 9.2 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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