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Release: Mar 2012
Reviewed on: iOS

Tap Paradise Cove

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Good: Exploration – Treasure maps – Large world to build
Bad: Too many premium currencies and an energy system
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Tap Paradise Cove gives you complete control over a tropical island as you design, construct and upgrade your buildings and personal ship.


Starting by yourself an a small island players will clear trees and build their first house to bring others onto the island. With two happy people you’ll be able to quickly clear your small starting island and then add a boat merchant that will let you sail to the larger islands in the game and turn them from dense forests into your own beautiful island.

These dense environments not only serve as a great source of wood for your settlement but also have their own hidden secrets with treasure maps and some special buildings hidden among the forest to find.

While the game world is huge it can be fairly slow going especially at the start as you wait for your buildings to generate coins so that you can expand across the seas. Buildings do build quite quickly even as you advance in levels which at first you’ll find quite a nice change compared to other mobile city building games.

That is until you discover that the timers have been hidden in other aspects of the game such as the energy system that limits your actions or the pearl system which is required for all building upgrades and requires a fair amount of grinding to build up a good supply (or you can open up your wallet instead). Pearls aren’t the only premium currency in the game though with a second currency (rubies) used to speed up gold collection or access premium buildings.


By the time you add in wood to the equation you’ve got 4 separate currencies to manage (2 of which are directly driven by paid purchases) and energy to manage as well. It’s like freemium game hell which is unfortunate because the rest of the game is quite good between the exploration, quests, crafting and everything in between.

If you don’t mind giving lots of time to Paradise Cove or splashing some cash the high level of depth can be quite rewarding although if you want a true free to play experience that requires less time commitment there are better options.


  • Explore, expand and construct your own tropical island.
  • Complete quests and add more settlers to your crew.
  • Explore the ocean and fight pirates with your ship.
  • Multiple currencies to collect and manage.
  • Install for free on Android and iOS devices.

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Tap Paradise Cove, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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