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Tartaros Rebirth

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Utilising a unique character group mechanic Tartaros Rebirth launched in late 2017 and allows players to command their own family group of unique characters. The game is intended to be a remake of the popular Tartaros Online which circled the MMO scene around 2007.


Like the many other MMOs on the market Tartaros Rebirth describes itself as an action MMO with anime representations. Uniquely players will slowly collect 9 unique heroes as they advance through the game that can be customised from a gameplay perspective. However, these characters are pre-set from a visual stand point which does take away some of the MMO vibe.

Players start their adventure by choosing one of the available heroes to being their adventure with archetypes ranging from physical, magical, summoners and everything in between. As you’ll advance your individual champion will rank and level up in power while also increasing the strength of the other characters you have collected up to that point. This power level is split between skills, virtues and phases which offer abilities, buffs and job advancement in traditional MMO terms.

It’s clear the system was designed to let you swap between different characters with ease and have some level of account wide strength to ensure you are always progressing our account as a whole. While this idea is perfectly suited to those that love to swap between characters there are some forced minimums on other characters for your account to progress which will force players to give them all some play time to optimise perfectly. The game does provide some small mechanics to counter this (such as being able to push experience to a lower level character) but you won’t escape the grind entirely.

Said grind is heavily PvE focused with the usual world to explore, dungeons to tackle as teams or solo quests. PvP does make an appearance in forms from 1v1 all the way up to 4v4 but is by no means the centrepiece of gameplay.


Both of these modes feature action combat with no tab assist aiming to help players. Instead you’ll have to position your character appropriately to ensure all your skills are being used in the appropriate direction. It’s not as fast or as crisp as other action MMOs on the market but it’s definitely more involved than your traditional tab target based MMO and pulling off a combo still feels impactful.

For a MMO title that offers a reasonable challenge with its action gameplay and lets you try out every single class with ease Tartaros Rebirth ticks the boxes perfectly, although its age does show.


  • Remake of the original Tartaros MMO title.
  • Swap between 9 different characters with ease.
  • Action and combo based combat instead of tab targetting.
  • Explore PvE and PvP game modes.
  • Free to play action MMO.

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Tartaros Rebirth, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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