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Teelonians: Clan Wars

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Teelonians: Clan Wars was developed by Teelos games and stays very true to the gameplay made popular by Plants vs Zombies. The game can be played in your browser for free and is packed full of content and depth.


The game has players defending against waves of tribal aggressors who want nothing more than to overtake your city state. The players forces are reminiscent of something from ancient Rome or Greece.

In Teelonians: Clan Wars there are plenty of units to defend yourself with, including a vast collection of infantry (all with their own strengths and uses), siege based weapons and even some spell based units which focus on high damage and utility based effects. Of course no army is complete without their resources and Clan Wars uses fruit stands to generate the necessary resources to fuel your army.

Once you’ve got your resources sorted you’ll spend each game level countering what the enemy throws at you. With the variety of enemies being sent your way making the correct choices of where and when to place your defences is the key to your long term success.


After you complete a level you’ll build up points to spend on researching new unit types or spend them on improving current ones. Best of all Teelonians: Clan Wars offers good flexibility so you can completely re-spec these points on the fly based on your preferences which may change as the game evolves.

On the difficulty side of things the game offers a steep one and quickly bumps up the difficulty to a point where you probably won’t beat the level on your first go. This is both a strength and a weakness as PvZ fans will love the extra challenge while player new to this style of gameplay will probably quit in frustration.


  • Follows gameplay made popular by PvZ.
  • Steep difficulty for a real challenge.
  • Good variety of units and enemies.
  • Upgrade your units.
  • Focus on countering enemies and making correct decisions.

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