Metacritic: 90/100
Release: Aug 2011
Reviewed on: iOS

Temple Run

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Good: Combines swipe and tilt mechanics – Compete with friends
Bad: Limited variety
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Temple Run is one of the original endless running games, utilising jumps, slides, swipes and tilt mechanics players will have to escape from the demonic monkeys with your stolen idol. It’s an addictive experience for iOS and Android which popularised a new genre of mobile gaming.


Gameplay in Temple Run is split into bite size chunks with your goal to reach as far as possible while comparing yourself to the best runs of your friend. This formula thrives on competition with players getting much more from the experience if they have a group of friends to compare against.

Your first run in Temple Run will also serve as your tutorial as you are guided to turn around corners, jump over several obstacles, slide under a large tree and tilt your device to collect coins. Temple Run is one of the few games in the genre to combine all of these elements together with the requirement to turn corners (of which there are sometimes two paths) and tilting your device to avoid holes in the path while collecting coins adding a lot to the overall difficultly to the game which keeps it one of the top endless running experiences.

To help you counter this difficultly level Temple Run gives you a number of powers that must be unlocked and then upgraded with the coins that you collect. These include powerups that you’ll randomly encounter in each game from the mega coin that gives you a massive coin boost to them coin magnet or the invisibility power that lets you pass through obstacles.


Coins can also be spent on one time utilities that will revive you after death or let you start thousands of metres from the start of the game. For the real dedicated temple runners players will be able to spend their hard earned coins on new characters or wallpapers.

If you are looking to return to the roots of a now widespread genre or seeking a game that requires a little more contribution from your part to achieve long distances then Temple Run deserves some space on your mobile device.


  • The game that popularised endless running games.
  • Turn corners, jump and slide over obstacles.
  • Use the various game power ups and utilities to extend your score.
  • Compete with friends for the highest score.
  • Unlock new characters and wallpapers with your hard earned coins.

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Temple Run, 8.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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