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Temple Treasure Hunt Game

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Good: Allows you to mark treasures as unreachable – Multiplayer design
Bad: Free restrictions – Bugs with location
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Available for Android Temple Treasure Hunt Game uses your current location to create a treasure hunt experience within your device. With options for single player, multiplayer, indoor and outdoor the games flexibility ensures it is suitable to all players.


Blending augmented reality with location tracking Temple Treasure Hunt Game creates the perfect environment to bring the traditional treasure hunt into a mobile app. Each game has players selecting which game mode they want to venture into with options for outdoor single which automatically creates a treasure trail to follow across a large area, outdoor multiplayer and indoor multiplayer.

In the multiplayer modes there are two possible roles for players to take on, either the treasure protector or treasure hunter. As the names suggest the role of the treasure protector is to create a treasure trail for the treasure hunters to follow. When creating these trails for players to explore the ability to add in clues makes Temple Treasure Hunt Game an ideal simple scavenger hunt style Android app.


In the free game version games (both single player and multiplayer) are limited to 15 minutes and 2 treasures which provides a good bite of gameplay, although dedicated treasure hunters will quickly want to upgrade to the paid version. This means you’ll only have 2 of the augmented treasure items to locate.

Important to note is that in indoor mode these aren’t generated and instead you’ll have to use other real items as markers for players. Given these are generated by a treasure protector this mode is generally more clue orientated and doesn’t take away too much from the treasure hunting vibe.


  • A treasure hunting app for Android.
  • Single player and multiplayer options.
  • Uses AR and location for gameplay.
  • Upgrade to full version for more treasure items.
  • Create your own treasure trails with clues for others to follow.

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Temple Treasure Hunt Game, 5.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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