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Terra Monsters 3

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Building on lessons learned and gameplay from the original two games in the franchise Terra Monsters 3 takes the big step into a 3D world. Landing on the new world you’ll customise your character before beginning the journey of capturing and training over 100 monsters with 3D models.


Opting to do away with the standard 3 starting monsters, Terra Monsters 3 starts you off with one of 4 monsters that each belong to a different element. As is standard for the genre these elements are important to consider as you advance through the game with monsters dealing extra damage or less damage based on the type advantages.

With the introduction sequence over and your companion selected players are introduced to other core mechanics of the game from the ranch where you can manage your team, capturing new monsters to add to your collection through the use of crystals, taking on new quests and more.

The ranch in particular is a unique approach to the game flow of Terra Monsters 3 and allows you to store a large number of monsters, swapping them in and out of your team while also healing them and changing their movesets from cards that you purchase. These cards are purchased from element based packs for gold (earned from battles) or gems which must be purchased or can be increased by watching game ads in between battles. The system does add an annoying RNG element to the game, particularly if you don’t want to spend crystals but it’s an okay trade off for being able to play the game for free in the end. Cards can also contain potions, crystals and other items making them core to the game from start to finish.

On the gameplay front Terra Monsters 3 is fairly linear and static in its design with players moving from quest icon to quest icon fulfilling the requirements while occasionally stepping off the path to capture a new monster for their line up. Overall they are interesting enough that you won’t mind running from place to place, especially with the simple touch controls that make navigating the world a fairly easy task (your monster will also happily follow you as you explore the 3D world).


In all of these quests though battles are a consistent theme and sees your team of up to 3 monsters taking on up to 3 enemies either in the wild or against another monster rancher. Battles are generally quick and finished within half a dozen moves to ensure you are in and out of them constantly. This eventually also expands with the likes of a PvP arena.

Overall the 3D graphics of Terra Monsters 3 are enjoyable with plenty of quest based content to follow through as well. For a free monster capture title there is little to complain about here.


  • 3D monster capture title for mobile.
  • Over 100 monsters and hundreds of moves to master.
  • Quest and story based gameplay.
  • Keep your unneeded monsters in your own monster ranch.
  • Free to play.

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