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Release: Mar 2016
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The Abandoned

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Good: Skill points for daily survival – Crafting – Anomalies and artifacts
Bad: Weak combat – Not ideal for small devices
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The Abandoned blends adventure and survival into a paid mobile title. Your objective is to stay alive in a pocket of the world that is suddenly isolated from the rest of the planet and with it came anomalies and monsters.


Players literally crash land into this small pocket of deadliness when their helicopter crashes deem into this unique and unforgiving zone of the world. Starting with nothing players are shown a basic tutorial which encourages you to find a usable stick and some flint to create a primitive axe to clear the trees in your path. Additionally you’re given a basic overview of keeping your belly full of food, fending off attacks and creating fires.

The gameplay of The Abandoned is split into days with your objective simply to survive from one day to the next as you await the rescue which may or may not be coming. At the end of each day you’re given a summary of your achievements for that day from crafted items, structures created to distance walked, enemies killed and trees cut down. All of this turns into points which can increase a number of skills to help you survive.

These skills are split between health, agility and survival offering the likes of reduced damage, more maximum health and better damage. And thus the struggle of surviving a day continues with players being able to access increasingly complex recipes as they build up a trove of resources and can face more potent enemies.

Enemies aren’t the only danger though with sanity, morale and resources all requiring careful management. Players also need to be on the look out for strange anomalies in the environment which can quickly kill the player but can sometimes hide the true treasures of the world, artifacts which can be equipped to boost your chance of survival further with things like extra carry weight.


While the story mode of The Abandoned is very set in stone and leads players from one point to the other those that desire more freedom will enjoy the survival mode which is all about staying alive without the quest objectives.

Regardless of your choice of game mode though the adventure in this mobile title is impressive and you’ll no doubt find its blend of crafting, questing and STALKER inspired storyline a fun one.


  • Mobile title focused on survival and adventure.
  • Craft items, explore the “Zone” and fight off enemies.
  • Survive each day to increase your skill points and grow stronger.
  • Watch out for anomalies and collect rare artifacts.
  • Play on your Android or iOS device.

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The Abandoned, 6.4 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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