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Release: 2011

The Godfather: Five Families

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Good: Great interface – Good hand holding features for new players
Bad: Slower than similar games – Has to be played in short bursts
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The Godfather: Five Families is a strategy browser based experience developed by Kabam. As the name suggests you’ll take part in a war between the five Mafia families in New York and slowly build a name for yourself.


In the game you’ll take over as a mob boss and be tasked with reviving your family’s authority in the crime industry while also recovering from recent financial trouble. The game plays out very similar to other games in the genre revolving around resource collection, attacking, building and upgrading.

The game has similarities to the popular Mafia Wars game developed by Zynga except that the game is a much more visual orientated experience and less centred around having friends to back you up.

Creating your account is a very streamlined process so you can get your hands into the game world with minimal fuss. After you’ve gone through creation you can go about choosing your avatar to display and which family you want to side with, which each having their own bonus so think carefully about your preferred playstyle. New accounts are granted 7 days of protection to help you learn the basics before being thrown into the PvP environment.

After going through a short tutorial given to you by your right hand man players can start performing tasks and constructing buildings in their neighbourhood. The game does a great job of tying in resource collection to a realistic Mafia lifestyle with money being generated by apartments, restaurants and factories used in construction.


Units is really where the game shines ahead of competitors with a great variety of troops to train which allows you to mix and match units to find the perfect balance for your strategy.

The Godfather: Five Families won’t keep you busy for a prolonged period of time due to time required to complete most activities but that is more a limitation of the genre rather than the game itself. The game is a great experience for short bursts of gameplay though with its smooth interface and unique setting.


  • Crisp and clean interface makes playing easy.
  • Choose from one of the five families.
  • 7 day new player protection to ease you into gameplay.
  • Great variety of units to pick and choose.
  • Fun historical setting with a Mafia based theme.

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The Godfather: Five Families, 6.5 out of 10 based on 17 ratings
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  1. A player of this game
    December 24, 2015

    All about diamonds


  2. Huh
    May 9, 2016

    I used to play this game for 1 year and now I came back to play it to bring up some memories and its shit,so many new cities…and it’s all about diamonds,if you dont have any then you will stand no chance to get in like TOP 50-60 players



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