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Release: Oct 2010
Reviewed on: PC

The Kings’ Crusade

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Good: Strong tutorial to get you started – Strategy and RPG blend – Detailed units
Bad: Some glitches – Lack of mid battle saving options
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The Kings’ Crusade blends strategy and RPG as you fight to claim the Middle East for either the Christians or Muslims through Middle Ages combat spanning two campaigns.


In the Christian campaign players will be leading Richard the Lionheart and his army to victory as they reclaim the Holy Land. You’ll find plenty of allies available to fight by your side in battle including the French, Knights Templar, Papacy and Holy Roman Empire. Each of them come with their own unique units and strength but because of their different interests and goals you’ll never be able to have them all in your back pocket, requiring you to make key decisions about how you want to approach the game.

Once you’ve finished the campaign of Richard players will flip sides and control Sultan Saladin as he tries to regain the Holy Land for the Muslims. With very different troops and strategies to master in this campaign it only doubles the fun that The Kings’ Crusade has to offer.

If the two campaigns don’t pack in enough content for you then jumping into the multiplayer game modes with friends will extend your game hours even further.

In terms of gameplay players will be fairly directed during the campaign as to which provinces to move their army and overtake. There is still some freedom in your decisions but it isn’t on the same scale as the Total War series or similar games.


Once you have moved your troops into position the game will switch to the real time battle mode where you’ll control your troops on the ground. In this battle mode the game is all about choosing the correct formations and unit matchups to ensure victory. Depending on the province that the battle takes places you’ll also have side objectives and terrain to deal with.

This is also where some of the RPG elements come into play, as you advance through the camping you’ll gain battle trophies, religious relics and other items which you can equip to your units to improve their stats.


  • Mixes strategy games and RPG elements into one.
  • Two deep campaigns and multiplayer to enjoy.
  • Move your troops around the map to conquer provinces in real time battles.
  • Select formations and use terrain to your advantage.
  • Beautiful maps bring the game world to life.

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