Metacritic: 66/100
Release: Nov 2011
Reviewed on: iOS

The Oregon Trail: American Settler

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Good: Colourful world with lots of tasks – Heavily focused on crafting advanced items from basic ones
Bad: Two waiting mechanics – Random events force premium currency spend
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Could you make it as a settler in the early days of  America? This is the challenge that The Oregon Trail: American Settler throws at players as you build a town out of nothing on your mobile device.


With a town to be raised from nothing players start their The Oregon Trail: American Settler experience by chopping down trees and planting your first crops which eventually leads to houses for your settlers and vital businesses that generate cash and provide services to your booming population. All while dealing with the events you would expect to encounter such as natural disasters and attacks from bandits.

The freemium formula is at full steam ahead with the likes of experience for every action and levels to unlock new things. Just like the competitors in this saturated pocket of the mobile market all of this is wrapped up with colourful graphics and flash which help to take your focus away from the multiple levels of wait times with The Oregon Trail: American Settler using both an energy system and wait system for constructions.


To separate itself from the norm The Oregon Trail: American Settler attempts to let you engage in multiple activities at any time to help ease the waiting times between actions. This is mostly driven by the large focus on crafting which sees your basic items being made into more advanced ones for more gold and feels perfectly in line with the game setting.

Despite some short comings around the freemium elements (two sets of waiting mechanics and random events that almost force premium currency) the colourful design and constant tasks of The Oregon Trail: American Settler firmly plants it as a decent FrontierVille like clone.


  • Settle the new frontier.
  • Multiple activities to keep you engaged.
  • Colourful graphics brings your settlement to life.
  • Deal with random events just like a real first settlement.
  • Turn basic items into advanced items for extra gold.

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The Oregon Trail: American Settler, 6.3 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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