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Release: Mar 2010
Reviewed on: PC

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

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Good: Strategy and building elements – Good AI
Bad: Horrible DRM
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The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom is part of the long running series of games that started back in 1993. The 7th game in the series stays true to the real time strategy gameplay but also adds a number of city building elements into the core Settlers gameplay.


The game originally did poorly due to a horrible DRM system that required always online gameplay. This was removed in patch 1.12 for the standard game content making it a much more accessible and enjoyable real time strategy option. However, the game still has some of the poorly implemented DRM elements that may not ever be removed.

Just like other strategy games The Settlers 7 offers multiple games modes for players to explore. Players can play the campaign mode, skirmish, multiplayer or ranked games depending on the experience you are after. As you would expect from a real time strategy experience the game has multiple win conditions available allowing players to seize victory by technological, trade or military means. The game isn’t all about winning though and has plenty city building elements for fans of city creation.

Unlike other games where players might dip into all game aspects The Settlers 7 has more defined paths along each of these victory conditions. If you want to conquer the map you’ll have to heavily invest in your army infrastructure or go the conversion route with an army of priests. If trade takes your fancy you’ll almost shift your focus entirely and attempt to claim the best trade routes for yourself. While the technological (science) path opens up plenty of fun and wonderful technologies.


In the multiplayer environment you’ll find yourself having to adjust to other players for success rather than just sticking to one game element or strategy which adds an important level of counter play.

Fans of previous games in the series will also be happy to hear that the AI has had some serious tweaking taking AI enemies to new difficulty levels with a number of behaviour profiles that you won’t see coming.


  • Plenty of strategy to explore along with city building.
  • Multiple game modes to play.
  • Impressive visuals bring your game to life.
  • Play co-operatively or competitively with others.
  • Great AI improvements over previous games.

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The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, 7.1 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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