Metacritic: 63/100
Release: Apr 2011
Reviewed on: iOS

The Tiny Bang Story

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Good: Beautiful graphics and style – Great puzzles – Quirky adventure
Bad: No depth for long term appeal – Short
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The Tiny Bang Story blends puzzle and hidden object games together with a beautiful hand drawn art style and delivers it to your computer or handheld device (iOS and Android).


The game is set on Tiny Planet which was once a vibrant and calm environment. That was until the world was struck by a meteor which changed the world forever. Like most games the player is the only one with a solution with the fate of the world now resting solely in your capable hands.

Saving the future of Tiny Planet has players exploring the world and fixing various machines. Players will also lend a helping hand to the various inhabitants around the world by solving puzzles for them. Most of these puzzles involve item collecting and hidden object finding but there are still a number of more traditional puzzles spread across the game world.

All in all your adventure is split between five chapters which explore different story elements and provide a change of setting. Each chapter features around six or seven brain challenges which can range from simple one screen solutions to larger and longer sequences of events for the solution.


As you complete the various puzzles you’ll get to experience one of the best features of The Tiny Bang Story which is the music tracks that accompany the gameplay. These tracks all have a relaxing vibe to them with enough available that it doesn’t get repetitive too quickly.

The Tiny Bang Story isn’t overly hard and is best enjoyed if you have the time to approach the game in the relaxed manner that it’s intended. Working through the game at a slow pace with the music playing peacefully in the background is definitely the way to experience this game.


  • A puzzle and object hunting adventure.
  • Five different chapters with their own setting and challenges.
  • Beautifully crafted graphics make for a unique experience.
  • Great soundtrack that really defines the essence of the game.
  • Simple and relaxing game with a low difficulty level.

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The Tiny Bang Story, 7.9 out of 10 based on 19 ratings
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