Metacritic: 78/100
Release: Mar 2015
Reviewed on: iOS

The Trace: Murder Mystery Game

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Good: Fair price – Twisty storyline – Fun puzzle hunting
Bad: Feels empty and sometimes too easy
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The Trace: Murder Mystery Game is a dark murder mystery game with both puzzle and adventure elements. Playing as a sharp detective you’ll be solely responsible for the solving of the case at hand.


Set in the city of Baltimore players will see through the eyes of Sam Pearce, a police detective. Amidst an investigation of a suicide players discover that the crime scene is definitely not what it appears to be. After revealing that the scene is actually a homicide a series of events unravel that includes extortion and kidnapping which leads to the real killer.

Throughout this journey Sam is joined by Alex his trusty lab partner who helps with potential leads and can test the evidence you find back at the lab.

On the gameplay front The Trace: Murder Mystery Game offers a unique blend of poking around the game environments and object hunting. This centres on selecting clue hotspots in each environment where you may or may not find evidence.

Where these clues all come together is on the webbed flow chart where you’ll link the information you’ve gathered together to recreate the crime. With each correct link you’ll be treated to a video demonstrating the events that took place.


As a paid title players are free to move through the game world at their pleasure giving you the freedom to find the clues or get off track completely. Depending on which camp you find yourself in you can expect this adventure to take around 3 hours.

Fans of mobile games like The Room will find themselves well looked after in this crime meets puzzle game.


  • Find the clues and piece them together to solve the case.
  • Use your trusty lab partner to analyse what you find.
  • No waiting, play the whole game in a single sitting if you desire.
  • Enjoy approximately 3 hours of crime solving goodness.
  • Purchase the game for your iOS or Android device.

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The Trace: Murder Mystery Game, 8.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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