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Release: Jul 2014
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Thirty Kingdoms

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Good: Deep mechanics – Plenty of choice given to players
Bad: Slower pace than similar games
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Thirty Kingdoms joins the vast range of medieval strategy games with an adventure that puts you behind your own royal house as you try to become the undisputed ruler of the game world by using diplomacy and troops to outsmart other players.


If you’ve played a game in the MMORTS genre the setting that greets you at the start of the game will be exactly what you expect with a medieval map filled with other player kingdoms. While on the surface it looks like games you have played before underneath this typical skin is a game with more mechanics than you would expect to see. It’s a game that definitely rewards those that take the time to immerse themselves in the strategy elements and choose to experiment.

Core gameplay involves the usual collection of resources, training of an army, upgrading your city and expanding your borders through diplomatic or military pursuits. In comparison to other strategy games in this space the waiting times are slightly lengthier to give you more time to plan ahead. The basic flow of the game is easy to pick up and won’t test veterans of the genre until much later on which keeps the barrier to entry nice and low to ensure a constant stream of players rising the ranks.

In order to increase your level of influence across the continent you’ll have to plan your expansion carefully by attacking, trading and allying with the hundreds of individual provinces (which are controlled by other houses). These houses are a mixture of player and AI controlled with a number of smaller barbarian villagers also scattered around the map.


Thirty Kingdoms really shines here with great mechanics around continent news and espionage so that players are well armed with information before making their decisions.

The design of Thirty Kingdoms makes it a great strategy game albeit a slow and methodical one.


  • Trade, war and ally with other players.
  • Huge medieval game world of provinces to battle over.
  • Use espionage to your advantage.
  • Well-designed mechanics with plenty of depth.
  • Free to play in your browser.

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Thirty Kingdoms, 7.4 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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