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Release: Nov 2014
Reviewed on: PC

This War of Mine

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Good: Previously unexplored angle of war – Atmosphere
Bad: Game difficultly
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Most war games have you take on the role of a soldier in the middle of the battlefield with weapons and armour. This War of Mine, on the other hand, puts you in charge of a household of civilians trying to survive a brutal war with what minimal supplies they can scavenge.


In the day, you cannot leave the house because of snipers, so instead you stay home and maintain the dilapidated hideout that you’ll slowly improve over time (if you last that long). When night comes, you get to dispatch one of your members to scavenge nearby locations for supplies (food, weapons and materials).

At the start of each game players will be given a small handful of survivors that come with their own set of skills and weaknesses. With each having their own backstory it is very each to get attached to them as you survive each day and each survivor loss is always a sad experience.

Day 1 generally involves clearing debris and tidying up the house your survivors are occupying. As first night strikes players can start to scavenge their nearby area. Choosing which survivor you send out and where is one of the most important considerations that you can make in This War of Mine as each survivor has their own speed, inventory space and other factors (such as how depressed they get when they perform immoral acts).

While scavenging various locations, you may also meet various NPCs. Some of them are relatively friendly, staying out of your way as long as you stay out of theirs. Some will attempt to kill you on sight while others will want to trade goods instead.


With materials you have gathered during the night players can start to craft various items or feed your survivors during the day. During the day cycle people may also come knocking on your door asking for help with various tasks or needs. This is where the game poses various moral choices, should you give your medicine to a child’s sick mother, or save it for one of your own? Others may want to barter with you, or even ask to live with you.

Every decision you make will affect your survivors’ moods. Some of them are more sensitive, and will get upset easily while others practically have no conscience and are indifferent towards robbing hospitals. Their mood will affect their efficiency and, in turn, your game. Every decision you make in the game has its repercussions, so choose wisely.


  • Never before explored angle of war games.
  • Every decision affects your game.
  • Thought provoking atmosphere.
  • Each survivor has their own backstory, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Scavenge at night, craft in the day.

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