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Tibers Box 2

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Tibers Box 2 offers sandbox fans both a free lite version with saving disabled and a full fledged version of the game with a few extra features and the ability to save your creations to be revisited later.


The comparison to the popular Garry’s Mod (Gmod) are obvious although it is a much less polished and varied offering, it’s still impressive for an Android title though and those seeking to take Gmod to their mobile device will find that this is one of the few options.

Gameplay is centred around sandbox construction with players able to manipulate objects that are spawned within the game world. Once in the world players can adjust their variables, use different textures and much more. Players will also recognise some of these manipulation tools from other sandbox titles such as the gravity gun that lets you alter the placement of objects.

These objects include simple things such as cubes and other shapes which can have their colour altered (white by default) and then manipulated with things such as thrusters or balloons. For those that would rather cause destruction than manipulation the game also includes a range of weapons and explosive tools.


These damage orientated tools are particular useful and effective against the zombie and yeti NPCs which players can spawn. These all feature very basic AI where they will chase the player and can even kill the player (causing a respawn) if too much damage is taken.

Other features of Tibers Box 2 include a drivable car, score tracking and additional mods and models created by the community. While it lacks polish in a number of areas it still offers some sandbox fun and one of the few such titles available for mobile.


  • Sandbox game available for Android.
  • Enjoy the game for free or purchase the full version for extra features and saving enabled.
  • Drive a car, spawn NPCs and manipulate objects.
  • Enjoy extra mods and models from the community.
  • Use a number of weapons and explosives.

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Tibers Box 2, 8.3 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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