Metacritic: 81/100
Release: Sep 2011
Reviewed on: iOS

Tiny Defense

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Good: Amount of content – Variety of enemies and Minirobots
Bad: Bit on the repetitive side
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Tiny Defense is available for the iOS platform and combines tower defence strategy with a 2D playing field. The game is a port of the popular PC hit Mini Robot Wars.


The game takes place on the once peaceful and beautiful Green Planet where a race of mechanical life forms known as the Minirobots call home. One day though their planet comes under siege from a robot army known only as The Machines.

The Minirobots aren’t giving up without a fight though and you are put in charge of ensuring the defence of the planet and rescuing your buddies that have already been captured.

In Tiny Defense you have control over a wide variety of Minirobots that each have their own unique use on the battlefield. Every level you’ll have to build enough resource generating Minirobots to maintain an army of units which can be further upgraded to enhance their capabilities.

Just like other games in the genre Tiny Defense breaks up the defence focused gameplay with a number of mini games that all offer different gameplay. Not only do these games break up the main experience but they also provide some setting to the story and game setting.


Tiny Defense is packed full of content to explore and is accompanied with a very fair price tag. You can experience 150 levels of defence action that is split across 3 different story episodes and 5 different areas. Much like Plants vs Zombies each of these areas present their own challenge (from stable to land to the glacier with high winds that will literally blow your Minirobots away).

The game also supports unlocks and achievements to keep egging you forward through the adventure. At first glance you might just ride the game off as a simple tower defence experience but Picsoft has really produced a real gem here for both iOS and PC (Mini Robot Wars).


  • Available on both iOS and PC.
  • Takes the best parts of Plants vs Zombies and builds on it.
  • Huge amount of content and levels.
  • Upgrade your Minirobots the way you want.
  • Explore mini-games to break up the normal gameplay.

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Tiny Defense, 9.2 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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