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Release: Nov 2016
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Titan Brawl

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Good: Mechanics suited to mobile – Decent hero list
Bad: Limited depth and variation between matches
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Bringing the MOBA genre to mobile devices Titan Brawl opts for much shorter battles with several minutes of intense battles rather than the slow and methodical approach of computer based MOBAs.


In order to achieve this faster pace of battles Titan Brawl trims down the genre into two lanes each containing a defensive tower. Beyond the towers lies the Totem whichwhen destroyed will see a victor crowned.

While you’ll have a very small stream of minions adventuring down the two lanes automatically your main method of advancing on your enemy is by placing one of your four champions into a lane. Once activated they’ll automatically charge forward with options to cast their skills or call them back to recover some health.

Activating hero skills can give you a quick boost to damage output, heal up your team, stun an enemy and more with all heroes pulling on the same pool of mana which generates slowly over time. With the available tools player strategies revolve around which heroes you take into combat, when to activate their abilities and the timing of your lane placements. Knowledge of the enemy champions and their weaknesses also go a long way.

The available champion pool in Titan Brawl extends over 20 with players also able to change their Totem which alters the spawned minions stats. Falling into typical attack, defence and support archetypes each heroes damage, healthy, speed, attack range and skills are different.


Unlocking heroes is facilitated through a token system that are handed out through missions and magic boxes and can also be levelled up with said tokens to improve their stats and skills.

While Titan Brawl can hardly compare to full scale MOBA games the mechanics it brings to the mobile realm are well thought out.


  • Employs new mobile mechanics to make MOBA mobile friendly.
  • Command up to 4 heroes per battle from a pool over 20+
  • Level up heroes and totems for extra power.
  • Join a clan, add friends, enjoy PvP or master missions.
  • Free for iOS and Android.

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Titan Brawl, 8.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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