Metacritic: 74/100
Release: Sep 2012
Reviewed on: PS3

Tokyo Jungle

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Good: Animal variety – Setting – Two modes and multiplayer
Bad: Not a huge amount of depth leads to repetitive gameplay
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Tokyo Jungle lets players take control of several different animals in an urban city environment. The game is focused on survival requiring players to avoid predators and catch food while also unravelling the mysterious disappearance of the human race.


The game is set in a modern day world where the human race has disappeared from existence. As the name suggests the game is set in Tokyo and features a mixture of home grown pets along with more jungle type animals that have invaded the city now that humans no longer inhabit the area.

Tokyo Jungle splits gameplay into two separate modes and also features a lengthy tutorial that helps familiarise players with the large range of mechanics in the game. The main (story) mode follows the player as they take control of a number of animals and complete story related missions to unlock the truth of the human race disappearing.

In the story mode players get the opportunity to control a Pomeranian dog, beagle, lions, hyenas and a deer which each require a different style of gameplay to be used. In addition to these animals there are over 50 other animal species that appear in the game.


The other available mode in Tokyo Jungle is the survival mode which challenges players (or a team of players) to choose an animal and survive as long as possible against the harsh urban jungle environment. The gameplay in this mode is more centred on building up a pack of animals to increase your chance of survival and allows smaller animals to take on larger animals with a chance of success.

If you enjoy video games that put you into the shoes of an animal then Tokyo Jungle’s variety of animals will make the game a very attractive option for you.


  • Explore the urban jungle of Tokyo.
  • Discover the reasons behind the disappearance of the human race.
  • Two different game modes to play.
  • Support for multiplayer.
  • Huge number of animals to play.

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Tokyo Jungle, 9.1 out of 10 based on 18 ratings
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