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Treasure Adventure Game

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Treasure Adventure Game offers gamers a great 2D adventure game for Windows that is packed full of features and content. Best of all it comes with a free price tag.


The game is the product of Stephen Orlando who spent 2 years creating this massive adventure game (and believe me it is massive especially considering it was the work of a single person).

Treasure Adventure Game offers simple but addicting gameplay, a huge open world filled with treasures, a large number of environments, NPCs, changing weather and much more. It’s easy to get lost within the game world of Treasure Adventure Game as it portrays a very realistic world.

During the game players will travel across a number of islands that were created from a main continent after a destructive battle between a wizard and a demon. After the wizard successfully defeated the demon he hide his 12 artefacts that would be needed to defeat the demon should he ever return.

Every location in Treasure Adventure Game feels very alive and you can feel the passion that Stephen had for the game in every detail as you explore locations from your starting town to the depths of the darkest cave.

Players take on the role of a young boy (the son of a famous adventurer) as he attempts to follow his destiny while collecting equipment and hunting for the 12 treasures. Your equipment for this awesome adventure? A hat, boat, parrot and hook.


With these simple pieces of equipment players will use treasure maps to explore, crawl and jump their way across the scattered islands in the game world while upgrading your equipment to keep you safe or perform other important functions such as monitoring the time of day or wind direction.

While players are free to explore the world as they please you will find yourself mostly following quests from NPCs to guide your progression and exploration. Treasure Adventure Game is an absolute gem in the adventure genre and will offer a level of adventure you never saw coming.


  • Amazing adventure in a living and breathing world.
  • Huge open world to explore (and get lost in!)
  • Variety of environments and NPCs.
  • Free to play 2D adventure game like Terraria.
  • Wonderful game soundtrack adds to the atmosphere

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Treasure Adventure Game, 7.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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