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Release: Feb 2006
Reviewed on: PC

Tycoon City: New York

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Good: Unique city builder - Combines tycoon style management systems
Bad: Restricted to recreating New York
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Tycoon City: New York combines the tycoon and city building genres to create one of the more unique games like SimCity currently available.


The game was published in 2006 by Atari and allows players to develop New York City (with a focus on Manhattan). Since the game is focused on a real world location players focus on the building of well known businesses and landmarks rather than designing their own city from scratch.

Players can choose from two game modes in Tycoon City: New York which gives the game some decent replay value. The main game mode (or campaign) has players slowly build New York one district at a time, with certain goals and tasks requiring completion before new areas or buildings are unlocked. The second mode is a sandbox mode which fans of other city building games will find familiar. In this mode players have the whole map at their disposable and can set a variety of parameters that impact the overall difficulty level.

The building aspects in Tycoon City: New York are fairly streamlined with three simple categories of buildings available (commercial, residential and recreational). Players will even recognise some of the popular brand name businesses and locations that are available to build in the game making the game particularly attractive to fans (or residents) of New York.


Business is the main focus in Tycoon City: New York with most objectives requiring certain amounts of money or buildings to advance. As such players will spend their time analysing their citizen’s needs, attracting customers and ultimately deciding how to maximise profit.

Overall the game is slightly less focused on city building than its competitors (like SimCity) but the combination of tycoon style gameplay makes for a fun mixture.


  • Combination of city building and tycoon style management.
  • Create New York how you want.
  • Two game modes available; Build New York and Sandbox.
  • 100s of businesses to build.
  • Reasonably low system requirements, great for older computers or laptops.

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Tycoon City: New York, 7.1 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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