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Under The Garden

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Under the Garden is a survival sandbox experience developed by Paul Gresley. The game is a very simple experience but has a nice and unique feel to its addicting experience.


Under the Garden has a small download size of just over 10mb or can even be played online through GameJolt (link below in summary section). If you have some time to kill and want something that is simple but still an impressive experience (and doesn’t need a hefty download or any download at all) definitely give some consideration towards Under the Garden.

The first thing that you will notice is the harsh winter environment that the game is set in. This is all part of the experience and also serves as a gameplay mechanic with players being hurt for continuous exposure to harsh weather. These injuries and others can only be healed at fire places at your home or some of the rarer checkpoints in the forest.

In the game players take on the role of an unknown man and his simple attempt to survive. You’ll have to survive a harsh wilderness as you keep your belly full of food, keep warm with a fire and slowly build up your house with items that you scavenge around the place. There are plenty of resources you’ll have to find to survive as you mine, hunt, chop and build your way to a safe existence.


The game controls are simple enough with players moving their 2D style character with the WASD keys and combining it with the mouse to interact with game elements.

Under the Garden doesn’t have appeal for everyone with its simple gameplay but those that give it time will find that it is part of the charm. The game was also successful enough to inspire a sequel from the developer (Under the Ocean).


  • Simple sandbox survival game.
  • Gather resources by mining, chopping, hunting and more.
  • Salvage pieces to build a house and keep you safe.
  • Watch out for the harsh weather and environment.
  • Free to play with a tiny download size.

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Under The Garden, 7.5 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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