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Good: Dungeon theme – Insane amount of content
Bad: Takes a while to unlock all the different game mechanics – Controls aren’t perfect
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Undermaster is the latest game from the Upjers team to be converted across to their English branch of games. Taking inspiration from the likes of Dungeon Keeper and introducing browser game elements Undermaster is simple but still enjoyable.


Your task in Undermaster is to develop your own dream dungeon as you lead the subterranean minions that you attract into battle. The game has all the expected mechanics of a browser based game with wait times, premium currency and near endless tasks to complete. Wait times in Undermaster are quite reasonable in comparison to other games that are on the market though which keeps it flowing at a reasonable pace.

The game has a lengthy tutorial which introduces a wide range of the game mechanics focusing on the basics of removing dirt, moving imps, cooking food, attracting creatures and laying floor tiles. These floor tiles are the building blocks of your rooms and can be used to create dorms for your minions to sleep in, kitchens to feed hungry bellies, workshops to manufacture and more.

Undermaster adds another element to dungeon design though by requiring players to place objects within a room for it to be effective, such as beds in the dorm or a cooking pot for your kitchen. Placing these items in a room along with decorations is also a key factor to improving your glory which is vital to attracting creatures.


With each new level better items will become available which allow you to craft higher level items which can sell for a lot more gold or provide higher amounts of glory. Eventually researching new technologies for your dungeon and battles become available to the player to add even more depth to the game experience.

Undermaster is a solid browser strategy experience with an enjoyable Dungeon Keeper style theme to it. It does take some patience before the wealth of options open up to you though and sometimes the controls just aren’t as perfect as they could be.


  • Combines browser strategy with a Dungeon Keeper theme.
  • Create your dungeon and attract all sorts of creatures.
  • Build rooms, research technologies and fight.
  • Decorate your dungeon with all sorts of items to improve your glory.
  • Chase achievements and compete against all players on the leader board.

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Undermaster, 8.1 out of 10 based on 16 ratings
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