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UnovaRPG is an online Pokemon adventure with a large community. The game offers an experience very in line with the Pokemon series and has plenty of content to explore.


UnovaRPG was originally launched under the name of Pokemon Indigo. The game was put together by two students and has grown from humble beginnings to one of the most popular online games inspired by Pokemon.

If you’ve tried other online games that draw from the Pokemon universe but found the community sizes to small you’ll find UnovaRPG a very attractive option. The game also has mobile support so you can play on your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry and other smartphone devices.

Gameplay is very similar to the various Pokemon instalments and will have you catching, trading and of course battling against gyms, the elite four and other players with your Pokemon team. The game spans multiple Pokemon generations which means you will have well over 600 total Pokemon to choose from and hunt down.

To add another layer to the capture experience the game has a number of unique Pokemon attributes that dramatically enhance their stats and effectiveness although you’ll only be able to unlock these once you achieve a certain number of badges.


At 22 gym badges you’ll be able to catch golden Pokemon who have a 10% bonus to their attack power. 30 badges will allow you to find metallic Pokemon with a 30% increase to health. At 32 badges you can start finding mystic Pokemon that are immune to status effects. While 33 badges unlocks the dark special Pokemon capable of reducing enemy attack success to 50%.

With plenty of content to experience and a large community of players UnovaRPG is definitely one of the best options for those Pokemon fans who are seeking an online monster catching game similar to that of the Pokemon series.


  • Free to play Pokemon game in your browser.
  • Also works on mobile devices.
  • Over 600 Pokemon to capture.
  • Over 30 badges to collect.
  • Large community of Pokemon fans.

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UnovaRPG, 8.4 out of 10 based on 75 ratings
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