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Release: Mar 2014
Reviewed on: PC

Utopia Realms

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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Utopia Realms is a free sandbox voxel game that lets you explore randomly generated game worlds by yourself or with friends. It’s perfectly suited to players that like to focus on building with its free price tag and small download size.


In order to play you’ll have to first setup an account through the website which takes only a few seconds. Once you’ve got your account you’ll be able to log into the client and start your Utopia Realms adventure. A sense of quality hits you right from the start with a crisp menu screen where you can select single player, multiplayer, control a number of settings, edit your key bindings and visit the editor (where you can edit game objects).

The editor is a particularly enjoyable feature with players encouraged to create their own models and share them with other players through the Utopia Realms website.

After generating your world you’ll be met with a familiar blocky game world but it’s got a nice charm to it with plenty of variety and strong colours bringing your random world to life. Utopia Realms has opted for a more realistic approach to gameplay, there won’t be any punching of trees here. Instead you’ll have to forage for sticks and small stones on the ground to craft them into your necessary tools.

Using these tools is very satisfying with a good selection of sounds and block breaking animations to keep this process interesting.

Crafting is currently done on the crafting screen which features a list of recipes that you can click through with all of the required ingredients. The inventory also follows this philosophy with a simple system that has item descriptions to help reduce the learning curve of the game.


Utopia Realms is currently in open beta with all the core features in the game. In future updates you can expect more crafting recipes, combat and the introduction of more character customisation features.

At the moment Utopia Realms might just be a sandbox focused experience but it’s a great one. For players that want a free option that allows them to build by themselves or with friends Utopia Realms is one of the best.


  • A free 3D sandbox voxel game.
  • Play alone or with friends.
  • Use the editor to customise the game models.
  • Sharp graphics and audio.
  • Already a great game and lots of upcoming development will only make it better.

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Utopia Realms, 8.3 out of 10 based on 41 ratings
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  1. HimochiIsAwesome
    July 9, 2014

    Quite similar to Minecraft but also very different, which makes it pretty refreshing. The music is nice, although sometimes gets a little annoying after a while.

    The main problem is the lack of items, both craftable and naturally spawned, although this is probably due to it’s early development stage. Many crafting recipes require the same items, and some of these don’t make much sense (such as fire flowers for roofing), however these may still be fixed.

    Multiplayer is also lacking, as there are a small number of servers, only one of which is open to anybody, and the number of people online at one time has never passed 5 in my experience. However, with more players, this should be fixed.

    The game also has many bugs – sometimes items will not stack for no apparent reason, NPC animals can pass through entities such as doors, and sometimes the game will crash. Yet again, I’m sure this is due to early development.

    On the other hand, as somebody who has spent far too much time playing Minecraft, it’s a nice change of pace. Even if the multiplayer servers are rarely occupied, it’s nice to search for resources and make my mark upon the virtual world. With no mobs to speak of (at least yet), building has taken more of a focus than survival.

    In addition, there are many ideas that are planned to be included in later versions of the game, including hunger and warmth meters, as well as humanoid NPCs. The mining system itself is also, in my opinion, better than Minecraft, through separate clicks, which means that progress in breaking a block isn’t lost when looking away from it.

    In conclusion, this game is different enough from Minecraft to be worth playing, while also retaining the same charm of building and crafting. The game is still rather early, and it’s lacking in many areas, however, I believe it will be worthwhile to stick with this game through it’s development.



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