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Release: Jul 2014
Reviewed on: PC

Velvet Sundown

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Good: Unique design – Text to voice
Bad: Low player pool – Subscription splits already small base
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Velvet Sundown plays out as a free social role playing game set out on the waters of a fictitious Caribbean location. With a luxury yacht and 11 base characters to play as Velvet Sundown is a game of role playing where each player has their own agenda to achieve.


The game offers multiple scenarios which branch out based on player actions within the setting. Each game starts with players being assigned one of the predetermined characters which is then paired with an objective that revolves around collecting secret information from other players. Unlike other deceiving based titles though you won’t be able to gain these details from NPCs and must converse with real life other players, with every single line typed manually (and then translated into voice).

As expected the side effect of this is that games can go either way, some will be extremely ridiculous and hilarious while others will be dull. By stepping into the shoes of your character and being open to go with the game flow though you’ll improve your chances of having a good time. Unfortunately there is little to counter leavers mid way through games which can ruin he experience as they stand their doing nothing and may have been central to the scenario.


Outside of talking with others and attempting to achieve your objective players are free to roam the ship, interact with objects and players which is all covered in the basic tutorial, although putting everything into practice perfectly will usually take an extra game or two.

While Velvet Sundown definitely scores points for interesting design and potential it is simply too difficult to find a game without some pre-organisation due to the lower player pool. The final barrier that really makes Velvet Sundown difficult to get a compelling game is the premium subscription which hides the majority of scenarios and the dedicated players.


  • Play one of 11 characters as you achieve your secret objective.
  • Talk to other real life players.
  • Upgrade to premium for more scenarios and features.
  • Explore the high class yacht on the open seas.
  • Access the basic scenarios for free.

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Velvet Sundown, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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