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Release: Aug 2010
Reviewed on: PC

Victoria II

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Good: 200+ countries to choose from – Great freedom without constraints to real world events
Bad: AI failings – Tough learning curve
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Set within our own universe but allowing players to create their own historical events is Victoria II, the second game in the Victoria franchise and developed by Paradox Development Studio. The game expands approximately 100 years from 1836 to 1936 and tilts towards economics or diplomacy rather than war.


Featuring a number of improvements over the original Victoria game such as improved AI, more depth in a number of game areas and a greater array of automations it’s the better of the two experiences.

With over 200 nations for players to control Victoria II is not shy on offering choice right from the start. This extends beyond this first selection with a detailed and complex economy that allows you to adjust countless levers to direct your economy through the years ahead. This ties in closely with the population of your nation which is made up of various groups such as farmers, labourers and soldiers who assist your nation indifferent ways and can only be controlled on a macro level.

All of these elements tie in well to create a realistic world market that moves and flows over time shifting player requirements from resources and encouraging trade to avoid being a a jack of all resources but master of none. This is achieved through careful diplomacy that happens both externally and internally with players having to manage their own government and relations with neighbours. This is a fairly simple system that tracks players relationships on a scale of -200 to +200 with certain actions altering this number. Great Powers can also significantly alter this balance and add that extra layer of depth.


For those that would rather blow this out of the water and opt to go the warfare route they’ll find a system very comparable to that of Europa Universalis with players moving units between provinces with scouting out intended battle locations offering bonuses for short battles. Battles are won more on technology than raw numbers but reaching a point of military strength will impact your other nation functions.

For those grand strategy fans that like to get their hands busy in the economy and political systems you’ll be well served with the second game in the Victoria franchise.


  • The second grand strategy game in the Victoria series.
  • Engage in rich economic and political systems.
  • Manage many elements of your nation to the finest detail.
  • Improved UI and depth builds on the first game foundations.
  • Over 200 countries available to play as.

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Victoria II, 8.4 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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