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Release: Apr 2011
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Villagers and Heroes

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Villagers and Heroes (previously known as A Mystical Land) is a free to play MMORPG. The game is simple and accessible while still having plenty of depth and a huge amount of activities.


The game has a very RuneScape feel to it with plenty of professions to level up and a level of simplicity that original propelled RuneScape to fame. Want some wood? Walk over to the nearest tree and chop it down. Hungry for some fish? Head to the nearest pool of water and test your luck. Villagers and Heroes doesn’t over complicate things that don’t need to be complex something that a lot of newer games forget.

Creating your character in Villagers and Heroes is nice and quick so you can get into gameplay pretty quickly. Before entering the starter area you’ll choose from a few visual options and one of the four available classes (warrior, priest, wizard or hunter). Of course each of these classes comes with their own skill sets and playstyle.

The reason why Villagers and Heroes is a real gem in the stale MMORPG genre is the extra activities available to players. Sick of chasing quests and combat? Then why not spend your time crafting, gathering, trading or designing your own house.

Housing in Villagers and Heroes is great with players able to buy or rent their own piece of virtual property. Owning your house doesn’t just involve decorating your virtual home though, players can also use the land around them to create farmland or raise their own animals. These player homes aren’t in the middle of nowhere either, your house will become one of the houses in the neighbourhood with neighbourhood projects (through donations) improving the areas around and within the neighbourhood.


The crafting and gathering side of the gameplay is split into 10 different professions (plant lore, bug lore, smithing, cooking, tailoring, woodcrafting, gardening, ranching, mining and fishing) with each being fairly self explanatory. Players can choose to level up all of these professions by performing actions related to each profession (in a similar to manner to RuneScape).

Villagers and Heroes is one of the easiest games to pick up and play with simple core gameplay for all ages. The standout features are without a doubt the housing and crafting system which will keep you entertained for hours.


  • Simple core gameplay that is easy to learn.
  • 4 different classes with their own skill paths.
  • 10 different professions for gathering and crafting to level up.
  • Own or rent your own house.
  • Active community to participate in.

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Villagers and Heroes, 8.5 out of 10 based on 37 ratings

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