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Vox combines the rising popularity of the voxel genre with role playing features to create a highly customisable experience. The game is being developed by AlwaysGeeky Games and has been under development since September 2012.


Vox makes everything in the game world customisable, encouraging players to create their own adventure in the voxel based environment. Your first taste of this insane level customisation is the character creation screen which offers an insane amount of customisation right from the start.

With a huge number of options to customise your head, body, legs, hands and feet it’s very easy to create something that resembles you or is completely insane. Using a range of sliders players can easily control the sizes of their individual body parts or head into the editor to easily add a cool hat, moustache, scar and anything else you can think of to your character.

Once you’ve settled on character the customisation only continues further in the create world screen with a large number of options that give you some control over your randomised game world. After generating a new world and entering it the real adventure in Vox begins.

Unlike other games that entirely sandbox and offer little direction you’ll find quests and NPCs in Vox to help guide your adventure. These quests can send you on a quest for resources, certain monsters and much more. If you don’t want to follow through with this adventure though then it’s easy to just do your own thing instead.


With a good range of enemies and plenty of resources to gather from the world to craft into items the customisation and potential for your character is fairly endless in Vox and it means that there is something for all tastes.

If you’re tired of all the sandbox voxel games out there that don’t do anything different then consider checking out the unique mechanics that Vox brings to the table.


  • Adventure blends with sandbox in a voxel game world.
  • A huge amount of customisation lets you edit everything.
  • Gather resources and craft in the game world.
  • Complete quests and talk to NPCs.
  • A great price for an insane amount of content.

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Vox, 8.0 out of 10 based on 15 ratings

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