Metacritic (PC): 79/100
Metacritic (iOS): 84/100
Release: Mar 2012
Reviewed on: iOS

Waking Mars

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Good: Unique adventure and mechanics
Bad: Less than stellar graphics and controls
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Launching on the iOS platform Waking Mars is an interesting exploration of Mars that takes you through the depths of the red planet with a trusty jetpack and unique ecosystems. While the graphics are a little rough the unique interactions you’ll have ensures this adventure is unlike other you’ve had before.


Set deep into current century players find themselves in 2097 on the first contact mission to Mars. Your objective in Waking Mars is to escape the large cave system that you find yourself trapped alone in. With no weapons and only your knack for science you’ll have to adventure through the crumbling cave network while mastering the foreign ecosystem to escape and make a decision that you would not have expected to be confronted with.

Waking Mars oozes uniqueness with no adventures offering a comparable gameplay mechanic. This primary mechanic that will serve you from start to end involves planting, researching and manipulating the ecosystem around you to accumulate biomass and move from one cave area to the next. At a basic level this involves planting new plants such as the green Halid Seeds that will grown into Halid Zoa and produce biomass when fed blue seeds or the Hyrdon Seeds (blue) that grow Hydron Zoa that produces more blue seeds.

With this foundation you’ll start to discover more plant combinations and even creatures that interact with each other and even you in unique ways which can be used to pass obstacles and generate biomass. Some of these discoveries are much more dangerous than others which can reset your game if they are able to take all of your available health pool. Mastering all these interactions is really what the adventure is all about and it’s very enjoyable.


To assist you with this journey of discovery and sometimes avoidance you’ll have a handy jetpack to move around the cavern with speed and make height no obstacle.

Behind the rough of the graphics and some less than stellar controls you’ve got a real adventure gem in Waking Mars.


  • Make first contact on Mars in 2097.
  • Escape the cavern by discovering what lurks in there.
  • Use the ecosystem to your advantage.
  • Find the unique interactions of every plant and creature.
  • Play on PC, Mac, iOS and Android,

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Waking Mars, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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