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Release: May 2009
Reviewed on: PC

Wandering Willows

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Good: Simple but enjoyable humour – Mix of quests and monster enchanting – Good amount of gameplay
Bad: Not a lot of depth
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Wandering Willows offers a world full of quests and wildlife where players will enchant pets, train them and much, much more. If it’s a game packed full of variety that you seek then Wandering Willows has it in spades, while packing it into a 20 something hour experience.


The uniqueness of Wandering Willows makes it a game that is hard to describe with many elements combining to create the adventure. On the one hand you’ll have pets that will join you through the adventure in battle and other skills but players will also enjoy collecting food recipes and customising your avatar with the 100+ items of clothing that can be made.

Your Wandering Willows adventures starts with players being stranded on an island after a bird rips through their hot air balloon. Thankfully the inhabitants of this island seem more than friendly and are happy to help you get home in return for completing quests for them. With over 150 on the island that range from simple fetch quests to complex tasks to repair a component of your balloon the quests are quite varied.

Some of these quests require a simple item hunt while others require more elaborate crafting to come up with the item that the NPC seeks. Sometimes this may also involve purchasing something from a particular store which encourages players to harvest or collect items from the game world for sale.


Right from this get go players will also be joined by an adorable companion which becomes an important key to your success in this new world that you’ve found yourself in. This pet will perform actions such as digging, climbing or charming other pets. There are in fact a total of 40 different pets to collect which come with their own strengths in certain game areas which can be further enhances with collars.

With around 20 hours of errands to be run before players can complete the necessary quests the dollar value of Wandering Willows is definitely there despite the depth being a little shallow.


  • Help the island inhabitants in order to rebuild your air balloon.
  • Use the 40 pets in the game to dig, build and charm other island animals.
  • Farm, craft and trade a wide range of items.
  • Customise your avatar heavily and use collars on your pet to improve their strengths.
  • Offers around 20 hours of gameplay.

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Wandering Willows, 8.1 out of 10 based on 14 ratings
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  1. Dominik
    April 29, 2017

    This game looks like a animal crossing from what i see :) I think it’s a good game



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