Metacritic: 73/100
Release: Oct 2012
Reviewed on: PC

War of the Roses

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Good: Realistic medieval war feeling – Customisation is insane
Bad: Could use some more maps and game modes
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War of the Roses lets players customise their own soldier as they fight in a number of medieval era wars. The depth of customisation is simply crazy allowing you to create a soldier with their own unique equipment and perks. The games focus is on the multiplayer environment with support for up to 64 players in each battle.


War of the Roses originally launched in 2012 with several additional releases to improve on the level of customisation and gameplay options. Players start their adventure in War of Roses with a number of premade classes that are each designed to fill a different role on a team.

This includes powerful melee fighters and a number of ranged characters. Further customisation is unlocked as players play either based on level or through the games currency. Players can even purchase a horse to ride around the battlefield and use in combat. Customisation is the one of the biggest appeals to War of the Roses with players having a wide choice of weapons, equipment, fighting styles and perks. It’s very easy to mix and match something that fills the role that you want to play.

Gameplay is played from a third person perspective with some first person aspects (like bow aiming) with each type of weapon feeling very different. Smaller weapons will swing more quickly while large weapons can deal more damage at the cost of speed.

Players perform directional attacks with their melee weapons and have to pay close attention to their enemies thanks to the very detailed hitboxes. Players will have to carefully manoeuvre around enemy shields for example unless they are using some sort of armour piercing weapon.


Archery is particularly well designed and feels extremely realistic with arrow drop off and bow pull back. While use of a crossbow features a small mini game to successfully reload the device.

Fans of other medieval warfare games like Mount and Blade will find lots to love in War of the Roses with a very realistic representation of what war during the era was about.


  • A medieval combat experience.
  • Huge multiplayer battles with up to 64 players.
  • Customise your own soldier and take them onto the battlefield.
  • Realistic archery elements and hitboxes make combat very strategic.
  • Good variety of maps with three different game modes.

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War of the Roses, 8.3 out of 10 based on 13 ratings
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