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Wasteland is the original post-apocalyptic experience and was released in 1988 for the Commodore 64. These days you can grab a copy from GOG and play the game without issue on newer systems and is a great way to return to the very early inspiration for Fallout.


Wasteland takes you to the future (year 2087) where the nuclear war of 1998 (which thankfully didn’t happen) has devastated the planet. The player is part of the Desert Rangers who are sent to investigate some strange happenings in the surrounding areas. During this exploration players will get to explore much of the United States including Las Vegas.

Eventually the issues facing this post-apocalyptic world are linked to a pre-war computer in a military base which players must defeat in order to ensure that the last of humanity doesn’t disappear entirely.

Much of the inspiration for gameplay in Wasteland comes from the table top games of the day with the players characters having their own stats which alter their success with weapons and interaction in the game world. As the player starts with 4 characters (with the option to increase this to 7) players can create a well-rounded party of rangers to help them on their journey.


Wasteland is a game that is all about the choices you make and accepting the consequences, it was also one of the very first games to do such a thing. Choice is everywhere in the game world with nearly every single quest allowing several ways of completing it. Whichever route you take in solving quests you’ll have to live with as Wasteland uses a persistent game world (one of the first) so returning to locations you have previously devastated will not be returning to their original state.

If you want to return to the true roots of the post-apocalyptic genre Wasteland might just surprise you with what it offers.


  • Return to the birth of a genre.
  • Explore a large world with plenty of interesting environments and characters.
  • Create the ultimate ranger party.
  • Save the world from further destruction.
  • A huge amount of choice for a game of its time.

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Wasteland, 7.0 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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