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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

WeeWorld allows users to create their own avatars and participate in social networking features through the 2D virtual world. The game is open to users of all ages and has grown to tens of millions of worldwide users.


Users in WeeWorld create their own virtual avatar known as WeeMees and then communicate with other players through the 2D virtual worlds available or chat with them directly through the chat or message system. As you would expect from an avatar based website users can heavily customise their own WeeMee to represent themselves or create an entirely new identity.

WeeMees can be decorated with a large selection of clothing, accessories and other items from popular fashion and pop culture trends. Gameplay in WeeWorld is pretty standard with players browsing the world with their own unique avatar and playing games for green points to spend on items in the game world.

One of the most popular activities is the WeeWorld Game where WeeMees are rated by other users with winners receiving special items for their avatar. WeeWorld does offer a mobile version of the site and apps for the iOS and Android platforms for users wishing to play on the go as well.


WeeWorld has adopted a fun and unique way to deal with moderation by encouraging users from the community to become ambassadors for the website. Users are selected for the promotion every few months based on their participation on the site and friendliness to other users.

At around the same time as the ambassadors’ program inception one of the WeeWorld users founded the “Anti-Bullying Task Force” which is still one of the biggest groups in WeeWorld. This group is dedicated to the prevention of cyber bullying on the WeeWorld platform and encourages users to extend this philosophy beyond the game.


  • Mixture of social gaming and social network.
  • Easy to start playing.
  • Safe and secure with a strong stance against bullying.
  • Regularly updated WeeMee clothing options.
  • Works on mobile and has smart phone apps available.

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WeeWorld, 8.2 out of 10 based on 115 ratings
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  1. Jordan
    July 8, 2017

    Please update this, WeeWorld has shut down indefinitely (We’ve been told by “Ambassadors”) and hasn’t been responding for the entirety of this year.



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