Metacritic (Xbox): 69/100
Metacritic (PS): 70/100
Release: Sep 2009
Reviewed on: PS3


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Good: Over the top action
Bad: Repetitive – Clumsy controls at times
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WET offers third person shooter gameplay with an insane level of action that feels right out of Kill Bill and similar media. You’ll use acrobatic moves, create combos, slow down time and much more.


The protagonist for this over the top game is Rubi Malone, a bounty hunter, mercenary and general problem-solver. In the game players will be hired for a kidnapping job that quickly goes wrong and after being left for dead by those that hired her she seeks revenge. This revenge takes you through many environments as you kill an endless amount of henchmen.

Playing as Rubi players will combine shooting, swordplay, acrobatics and the odd bit of gore together throughout their playthrough. For the most part you’ll be using your twin pistols but also pick up dual shotguns, crossbows and submachine guns. These do come with some very basic upgrade paths to improve their strength although the impact on gameplay is minimal.

Combat in the various scenarios is rarely direct with players often killing enemies by wall running, sliding under obstacles and firing through the air. During these acrobatic feats the game enters into a slow motion mode allowing players to aim their weapons at one or even two enemies simultaneously. Racking up kills (especially more complex ones) grows your current multiplier to improve your health regeneration and score which drives your available points for upgrades.


In addition to this style of combat players will be involves in various quick time events along with rage filled sections where Rubi becomes extra powerful in order to overcome the odds.

WET is filled with action but the lack of diversity in combat and clunky style makes it a game you’ll need patience to enjoy or just be a fan of the single gameplay style it’s offering.


  • A third person shooter experience filled with action.
  • Use a variety of weapons and upgrade them based on your performance in each level.
  • Perform acrobat acts from wall running to diving and swinging off the environment.
  • A story of revenge from a bounty hunter.
  • For PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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WET, 7.9 out of 10 based on 8 ratings
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