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Release: Jun 2014
Reviewed on: PC


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Good: Free flowing and action combat – Boss mechanics – Player housing
Bad: Art style and humour are an acquired taste
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WildStar is a MMO set in a fantasy meets science fiction game world. Originally a paid experience but eventually turned free to play WildStar’s high production values and engaging combat are an amazing offering for a free to play adventure.


Set on the fictional planet known as Nexus, the game follows your characters exploration of this world which was recently abandoned by a powerful race known as the Eldan. Leaving behind all their technology in addition to the mysterious disappearance has made the planet a hotspot for adventurers in the sector. Currently the planet is in dispute by two main factions, The Dominion and The Exiles.

Like any traditional MMO your first step will be to align yourself with one of these factions and create other elements of your character. Each faction has four unique races to it which are all very unique in their design.

The real customisation is of course under your characters skin though with six varied classes that let you get up and close with enemies (Warrior), cast spells from a distance (Esper), dual wield pistols (Spellslinger), stalk your opponents (Stalker), heal allies while dealing consistent DPS (Medic) or summon your own robot pets (Engineer). While these classes fall within traditional archetypes the extra touches and unique approach to each ensure the characters will defy your expectations.

WildStar also has one other character defining trick up its sleeve through a feature called paths. These four paths (soldier, explorer, settler and scientist) further define your experience as you’ll be given random tasks as you explore based on your path. For example a soldier might need to clear the area of a particular monster while an explorer at the same point in their adventure might simply need to find a hard to reach location.

Gameplay is where WildStar truly shines with action combat that requires players to dodge, aim and more in order to combat the various hostile creatures of the Nexus. Every enemy comes with their own special moves and dungeon bosses in particular incorporate a number of mechanics ensuring skilful players can tackle content earlier than others.


Of the standard MMO extras (PvP, economy, housing, guilds, etc.) housing in WildStar is the one that stands out the most with an extremely detailed housing system that lets you completely create your own pocket of game world down to the smallest detail and item. Just browsing other player houses you can really get a sense of what is possible with no two looking the same.

WildStar is an all round amazing MMO experience and one that shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for something more hands on than most games in the genre.


  • A blend of science fiction and fantasy rolled into one.
  • 8 different races, 6 classes and 4 paths to define your adventure.
  • Action orientated combat puts you in control of your success or failure.
  • Impressive player housing allows for all sorts of creations.
  • Colourful game world with a huge wealth of lore for those that want it.

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WildStar, 8.0 out of 10 based on 20 ratings
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