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Release: Jan 2016
Reviewed on: PC

Winning Putt

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Good: Strong golf gameplay – Highly social
Bad: Heavy grinding for items
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Winning Putt combines golf and being social into a MMO experience. Those that don’t mind a day on the green will enjoy what Winning Putt has to offer and quickly realise it is more than just a game about golf.


Simulating beautiful golf courses is the centrepiece of Winning Putt with players able to choose from a selection of varies courses that in turn will allow you to level up and unlock new items to help your golf game. Most of these courses offer the full 18 hole experience while their are also shorter courses available for specific game modes and quests.

Winning Putt isn’t just the beautiful scenario though with strong golf gameplay that gives you the tools to use your knowledge of the green, slopes, winds and more to beat out the competition. Relying on a simple 3 click approach that requires you to click with careful timing Winning Putt is still approachable for new golfers.

Creating a character that falls into one of three player types (Balance, Power or Accuracy) there is some room for differentiation between other players which is enhanced further through an insane amount of visual options. This truly allows players to re-create themselves in the MMO world of Winning Putt.


With your character created and the tutorial passed players are introduced to the country club which serves as the central hub where players will spend most of the time. This is where the social side of the game thrives with players regularly hanging out, meeting friends and choosing a game partner. Player vs player can happen in real time against multiplayer opponents but also against replays. Players can also use the hub to top up on items, repair their gear, accept new quests, enchant items or customise their avatar further.

Winning Putt is ideal for fans of golf video games wanting more of a community feel, although it also has a great attraction to MMO gamers simply seeking something social with golf serving as a fun pass time.


  • Golf based game with strong social features.
  • Complete a large range of beautiful golf courses.
  • Upgrade your character with items and visual customisation.
  • Compete against other players for extra in game currency.
  • Hang out at the Country Club to make friends.

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Winning Putt, 8.6 out of 10 based on 11 ratings
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  1. Joesph LockHeart
    June 26, 2016

    I don’t get it , why is grinding put as a bad thing. Its actually usually just the opposite. When you get everything unlocked that you want within the first couple days you lose a lot of incentive to keep playing. Any real mmo player will tell you the grind is what keeps the game going hour after hour.

    a WordPress rating system

    a WordPress rating system

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