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Wonder Tactics

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Bad: Limited unique value outside of a single mechanic
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Com2uS is no newbie when it comes to the mobile RPG strategy genre and their Wonder Tactics title features all the core elements once again but with a few different approaches to the genre.


Battling evil as you would in countless other video games Wonder Tactics takes you across a journey of 150 dungeons. To conquer these across three different difficultly modes you’ll be able to call on 250 heroes from the water, fire, earth, dark and light elements. With star ratings between 1 and 6 and a number of systems to improve upon their base stats the path you take is one with many options.

Tactically Wonder Tactics features a unique grid mechanic that makes it more engaging that similar games in the genre. This grid also allows for up to 9 heroes on the battlefield (3×3) and has plenty of strategy considerations. On the one hand you’ll have to consider how you stack your heroes as your front fighters will take the bulk of damage.


Skills also have an element of strategy in that they only effect a certain a certain portion of the grid (either your own or the enemies). The most common of these is the straight line that will attack 3 enemies either vertically or horizontally. Similarly your buff orientated skills such as healing or defence boosts will effect varying elements of the grid. Where there is nothing in the casting location your characters will opt for a random location instead.

Outside of this unique combat grid design Wonder Tactics is fairly bland with the usual gear, upgrades, daily rewards and game modes to keep you entertained.


  • Grid based mobile RPG title.
  • Collect over 250 heroes to battle across 150 dungeons.
  • Another RPG from Com2uS.
  • Multiple game modes to explore.
  • Free game for iOS and Android.

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Wonder Tactics, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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