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Wooparoo Mountain

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Note: This game has been shut down and is no longer available.

Wooparoo Mountain offers creature collecting at its finest with a game that blends town simulation, community and breeding together into a cute atmosphere.


It’s up to players to help Roopa care for the Wooparoos by building the necessary habitats, summoning new Wooparoos and keeping them well feed. It’s a formula of combining farm simulation style elements with creature collection that has been done before but everything has a strong essence of quality to it (which is why it quickly rose to the top of the Japanese App Store with millions of downloads upon first release).

Starting from literally the ground up it will take you a while to establish a thriving Wooparoo Mountain but it’s an extremely fun journey. Choosing which Wooparoos to bring together and the buildings that will make up your village is totally up to you giving you a sense of ownership over your virtual settlement. Sharing your designs with friends and visiting their own villagers for ideas is also easy thanks to the social elements of the game which are becoming standard features in the genre these days.

There is definitely no shortage of longevity on offer with 20,000 elemental combinations of Wooparoos for you to explore and attempt to collect all of the available creatures.


To help keep you on track and guide the settlement that you’re creating Wooparoo Mountain packs in a huge of array of quests that also offer handsome rewards of experience and gold to help you grow at record speeds.

With decent waiting times and minimal pressure to purchase premium currency combining with the impressive design of the game Wooparoo Mountain is definitely worth installing on your device if you’re a fan of the breeding and town simulation genre.


  • Develop the perfect mountain home for the Wooparoos.
  • Combine elements together for 20,000 combinations.
  • Plenty of quests to keep you moving forward.
  • Connect with friends for a social experience.
  • Create your town and collect them all.

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Wooparoo Mountain, 8.7 out of 10 based on 12 ratings
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